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Clinical product assesment Essay Example

Clinical product assesment Essay Example Clinical product assesment Paper Clinical product assesment Paper   Clinical Evaluations Assessment Tool. Project Activity #1: Product 1- Noni Juice Brand Name: Goodnoni Website Goodnoni Description of Product- Noni Juice Noni Juice is produced from Noni fruit. Noni is an exclusive tropical fruit believed to be beneficial and useful food. The juice contains bitter and typical taste that is of the mature Noni fruit. It is brown in color and the juice contains some rich fruit thick sediments. It is recommended shaking the bottle before opening to let sediments to be mixed with the juice. Rely on the cyclic array of Noni fruit, some time the juice may appear watery, even though no water is mixed. This is known as Folk medicine, and in other terms called as traditional medicine. Folk medicine is used as substitute health option which is made from Herbs and shrubs during the ancient days to cure ailments and diseases.   Noni juice, is believed to be with many health values in curing many of the diseases. Description of Product Use It is recommended daily to use the dosage of 30 60 ml juice. It is vital and significant to take the noni juice before any thing is eaten, otherwise stomach acids digest most of the helpful components of the juice. Noni juice is to be taken twice or three times in a day, depending on the patient condition Product Evaluation Outcome: Package condition: The Product has acceptable package conditions with juice in tight plastic bottle with labelling and titles. The product label clearly displays the product details and product administration details. The label also comes with attractive promotional logo with Noni fruit and suitable captions. The bottle is inturn packed in an attractive Cardboard box that displays all the promotional material. The product comes in an reusable mode of container, i.e.,   the juice bottle   once opened can be used within 2 months period of time. Teh packaging offers the safety and efficacy to the product. Natures Products, from Product Information Product 2- Aloe Vera Topical Brand Name: Aloe Juice Concentrate 16OZ Website Description of Product- Noni Juice Aloe Vera is believed to be a anecdotal health claim. Many folk medicine believers assume that this product is good for immune system and can cure diseases related with fungus, constipation, virus, bacterial and inflammation. This is also used as nutritional supplement in many parts of the world. Description of Product Use Aloe Gold Juice Concentrate 16OZ Aloe Gold Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate is the highest quality Aloe Vera in a bottle providing maximum benefits when taken daily. It comes as 3:1 concentrate containing yellow sap To be administered as 1-2 OZ daily, special applications 3-8 OZ. The cup of   juice is recommended to drink by the patients in mixing with water. Product Evaluation outcome: Aloe Juice comes in The product comes in Dim: 8.0 x 2.5 x 2.5 in  Ã‚  Wt: 1  Lb Plastic bottles. The bottle material and package offers the safety and efficacy by informing the use of the product details.   The label displays the Aloe Leaves as a mark of product information Aloe Gold Juice Concentrate 16OZ, from Project Activity#2: Noni Juice Type of Disease: Diabetes is caused by the imbalances in insulin hormone in body. Safety and Efficacy: The safety measures that are claiming by the manufacturers are the sealed package, sterilized and free from any contamination. Medical Threat:   The Long term effects of diabetes are generally because of patient maintaining their glucose levels high for long periods of time. The excess blood sugar levels have a terrible result on the body. Few of the general effects from diabetes consist of nerve damage, vision problems, damage of kidney, Problems of heart and circulation. Diagnosis in early stages of diabetes will help a person to keep away from serious related diseases. Strategy: The strategies that are using to promote the NONI product are by showing the scientific researches which took place in recent years stating, Noni is confirmed as an amazing supplement for promoting best possible health. General conditions connected with Western culture and problems of diet with blood circulation, blood pressure and blood sugar levels appear to be stabilizing by a regular consumption of Noni. Reason why patents purchase: In the present days people are becoming so much health conscious. The NONI product is illustrated in such a way that any one who cares about health will easily purchase, the other reason is regarding the package and safety measures and because of no side effects. They are mostly got promoted by doctors which any one are impressed to purchase. Role as practitioner: Even though it is used by many, it has not been certified by the international standards like other medicines. Any medicine which is not properly tested by the international standards cannot be consumed with out the suggestion of doctors. Self Diagnostics: During the consumption of any unproven products, consulting doctor and getting self diagnosed is the must, because some of the elements which the product contains may not be suitable for the patient, which may yield to side effects. Jeanette Pollock, â€Å"The Effects of Diabetes† from Product-2 Aloevera Juice: Type of Disease: the disease that is considered for the product of Aloe-Vera is psoriasis. Safety and Efficacy: The masseurs are displayed on product container Medical Threat: Psoriasis is a skin disorder which can occur to anyone of any age in both men and women. Researchers believe that psoriasis is an immune-mediated condition. Strategy: The manufactures says that, the Aloe Vera topical is being used to help out in the healing of minor wounds, burns, eczema, and psoriasis. Reason why patents purchase: The vendors telling that product Aloe Vera Topical is made purely from the extract of Aloe Vera and showing the benefits of Aloe Vera which attracts the patients. Role as practitioner: The products which are not certified by FDA are to be used by the consultation of doctors which may prevent the threats like side effects or any harm like burning sensation etc. Self Diagnostics: Any products which are not FDA tested are not suggested to used directly by the patients,   except under the guidance of the experts. The self treatment can cause major side effects especially with the unproven products. Ben W Taylor, â€Å"Aloe Vera and Psoriasis† from Project Activity#3: Credentials of Noni Noni has its own website on which the product Noni Juice is displayed in attractive colours and offering free delivery on all their products. When suggesting any product regarding health, the Product must be FdA certified. Even though it is said to be FSA certified, the vendors who sell the products are not the certified doctors to suggest some one regarding their product. They can tell any thing to advertise their product but consumer who purchases must be very careful to use.   The product when taken with out the guidance of the physician it may cause harm or side effects. Some of the contents in the product may not be suggestible to some people which may turn harmful. The one who sells the product may not know to whom to sell the product and they are not supposed to suggest the patients with out proper diagnosis. Natures Products, from Credentials of Aloe Vera Juice The product Aloe Vera Topical is advertised by the health site called   By publishing the product information on the site the people who visit it for medical information will get a range of products to choose.   However, the site did not publish more information psoriasis cure with the product. So if product is not suitable to any one it may give the itching and burning sensation and can develop the psoriasis more. Even though the site gives the precautions to use the products it is better to take the advice of the physician before considering any product. Aloe Gold Juice Concentrate 16OZ, from Project Activity# 4 Strategies of promotion: These Health care products are popularized through the TV Channels, Home magazines, Brochures, pamphlets, websites and Internet Ads.   Also these health care products are promoted by sale representatives or commission agents as a means of direct sales to the end user. Sometimes sales representatives consult the medical or Para medical practioners to stall their products in the shelf. Such product sellers use social community as the major medium for selling utilizing the close contacts. Many of the times the products are pushed on the basis of buying capacity of the patients but not on the basis of actual need. The most adaptive promotional strategy is Multilevel or Chain marketing that offers high commissions to the people who refer or make others buy these products. These people who sell or recommend such health products do this sales promotion without much medical knowledge.   These promotional push these health products with their product and consumer knowledge, without any right diagnosis of the patient condition. Such product marketing convinces the people with the quick relief of the disease by showing the photos and testimonies of the people as a proof to make others believe their words. However their prescription is not based on the patient’s clinical diagnostic condition. The products some times are pushed as bundle- buy two get one free basis, resulting the compulsory usage of additional product even without the actual necessary. Many of the times, the Para medical professionals assist in promotion by testifying about the results of the product due to some expected benefit from the product seller or manufacturer. Healthcare Marketing That Grows Your Reputation   And Your Bottom Line, from Assessment of such strategies: Such promotional strategies are becoming popular day by day in the health car products. Though they have any scientific evidence or medical proof of the performance of the product in al the patients in a similar manner, the products are pushed on the conviction made through the promotional material. When the products are attested by Para medical professionals, buyers will be easily convicted to buy without knowing the actual outcome. Sometimes such products may give side effects due to the lack of proper clinical prognosis and prescription. Project Activity#5: I will design my product market plan in such a way to commercialise it from  Ã‚   early stages by communicating its utility and value to the targeted users.   First I will identify the major therapeutic areas where my product can meet the need. Then I will design the promotional material to acknowledge the right   consumers of the product. Not only that I will produce a leaf let that will be inserted in the product packing. This leaf let will be with pre conditions and post conditions of the product usage. This will prove my safety measures and efficacy. Also, on outer pack , i will strictly mention that the product should be used under the medical prescription only. However, I will not give the product administration dosages to avoid he personal and direct administration of the product by the user. This will help the user to depend on the medical practioners help to use the product. Promotional Media: I will target the customers of the product in the following ways: 1. Geographics: Basing on the area of residency, location, population density, size of the area, climatic conditions of the zone of the product customers. 2. Demographics: The Gender, age, gender, family size and structure, Education, occupation, income of the customers. 3. Psychographics: The personal behaviour, life-style, needs of the customers, expectations of the customers. 4. Behaviours: The needs and wants of the product user. Information expectation levels and attitudes and cost issues can be considered here. Then I will try to create value to my products than my competitors by pointing out the benefits towards one of the life-improvement benefits: like-   Pain relief ,Abilities, Appearance, confidence, Productivity, Peace in Life, Cost Value etc., I will use the Targeted Social contacts at eh clinical centres and will give the product education under clinical observations only.   The major promotional channels would be organised in this way Conducting the disease awareness programs at the clinics and social gathering halls that help in positioning and for the expansion of markets Pre product launch initiatives to create demand and excitement Product launch programs with distributors and dealers that can take up the immediate spur in the sales. Wall posters and message boards that not only creates brand image but also will educate people about the disease. Stewart Gandolf and Lonnie Hirsch, What Is A Health Care Marketing Plan?, from

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